What causes sleep disorders? 5 common causes of sleep problems

What causes sleep disorders? 5 common causes of sleep problems

Sleep problems are faced by all kinds of people in any stage of life. These sleep problems are interfering with the normal functions like mental, physical, emotional and other problems like social functioning. An interruption in sleep can be caused due to different reasons like teeth grinding, parasomnias, circadian rhythm sleep disorders which can lead to sleeping sickness.


There are certain reasons for this sleep disorders, we have listed 5 reasons that cause sleep apnea.

  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Physical disturbance
  • Environment problems
  • Medical issues
  • Unbalanced nutrients

These are the reasons for the sleep aid problems.

There are many other reasons for this disease like medication cause, all this can be treated with the help of the medication or changing the lifestyle to an eco-friendly environment.


Sleep Apnea and cardiovascular problem

From several types of research and other relationship of the chemicals, it is shown that sleep disorders can cause cardiovascular disease. It is stated that sleep disorders can tend to changes in the structural and working process of the heart. Continuation of this can cause can lead to progression of the coronary heart diseases, atrial fibrillation, and stroke.


What so ever, consulting the physician immediately will help you to get through the side effects irrespective of the severity. If you have any other heart problems like irregular heartbeats, change in pulse rate, history of genetic problems and many more. In that case, it is safe to take a consultation with the physician and get rid of the problems. If you can feel the improvement in your health condition then you can get away from sleep problems easily.


Medication and sleep problem

Taking medication can also lead to lack of sleep. You may be undergoing disease like asthma, cold and other problems. In that case, taking medicines for the disease from over the counter for usual cold or taking pills for heart problems can also distract your sleep. The medication you are taking now can affect in the future like you would be taking medication like Ativan to stay awake in your workplace, later your body would depend on the medication and changes to be away from staying ideal and away from a nap. Some of the medication that affects your sleep is listed below:

  • Alpha blockers
  • Corticosteroids
  • SSRI antidepressant
  • ACE inhibitors
  • Cholinesterase inhibitors
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin


If this condition continues for an extended period, then consulting the physician would be a wise decision. Also, stopping the treatment immediately will also lead to other side effects, so it is better to take a Doctor consultation.


Psychiatric disorders and sleep problems

These two terms are deeply interconnected in a serious way. This is a very complex relationship that includes bidirectional causation. There are several things that cause a psychiatric problem like relationship problems, loneliness, psychological problems that individuals undergo on daily basis. This is categorized into 5 sections

  • Sleep effects of psychiatric recovery
  • Patients with lack of sleep due to a psychiatric problem
  • The risk associated with the psychiatric problem and nap disturbance
  • Results of lack of sleep and treatments for recovery
  • Impact of sleep apnea in psychiatric problem


Physical disturbance and sleep disorders

It is very difficult to concentrate on work while undergoing pain, it is same with sleep. People undergoing pain due to any wound or fracture or who have undergone operation will be undergoing severe pain; in that case, there will be facing the lack of sleep problem. Pain is the major factor that affects people to have a peaceful nap.


Unbalanced nutrients and aging factor

Even lack of nutrients can lead to disturbance in sleep. That is a deficiency of magnesium in the body could lead to insomnia and also the potassium deficiency will also interrupt to have a peaceful sleep. The other factor is the age which is claimed to be a normal factor that occurs in all people due to many terms which lead to lack of sleep. For a better get through a nutrients food be given to old age people and peaceful mind.

A study is done on all the causes of this sleep disorders and disturbance and the information is collected from the trusted sources. If you think that we have missed out any information then leave a message in the comment box and we will provide a reply or possible way to respond clear your doubts.