History of Ambien

History of Ambien

During 1980’s many pharmaceutical companies had been working to find medication to treat insomnia. In 1985, the researchers in G.D. Searle & company had developed Ambien pill with Zolpidem Tartrate. The results from clinical trials show that this medication helps in providing night sleep without next day after effects. Doctors have found the benefits of Ambien with fewer after effects.

Ambien is the NO.1 Sleeping Aid

For more than 15 years Zolpidem was only dispensed under the trade name of Ambien. There were many studies that have proved the better performance of Ambien in insomnia patients.

Dr.Hangscom had discovered surprising performance of Zolpidem. He noticed his patients were having a good quality sleep at night and they could wake up at the correct time by the next day. This would not happen with other sleeping aid.

One study reports from National sleep foundation in the United States have reported that Zolpidem tartrate along with other inactive chemical compounds balance the neurotransmitters of the brain and it provides relaxation that induces a sound sleep. More than 60% of insomnia patients are prescribed with Ambien by healthcare professionals.

In 1992, under FDA approval Sanofi-Aventis, the French pharmaceutical firm had acquired the patent for U.S. Zolpidem and they have been producing this Ambien medication in large quantities on comparing with other pills for insomnia. After several years, lots of drug manufacturing companies have been producing generic Ambien as well as its brand formulation. And it’s never been the same thinking when we talk about insomnia and taking treatment to combat that.

The Age of Ambien

When Ambien was first released by drug manufacturing company in 1985, it enticed many people. Sleep- was everybody’s need and desire especially for working people or people with lots of emotional problems who couldn’t sleep at night for months due to stress. Dr. Dermant recalls “People need sleep and they often approach me for Sleeping Aids”. General Colin Powell from the USA has quoted that “Everybody here uses Ambien”.

Dr. AlonAvidan after the launch of Ambien he recalled that “ Most people would not admit that they have been sleeping all the day in their office and could not able to sleep at night, they often deny that they are one among insomniac”. Well, that is the medical terminology for those people who do not go to sleep at night but encounter daytime excessive sleepiness.

In late 1990’s, many Americans aware of insomnia disease as they see many people have been encountering around them. The first TV commercial Ads for Ambien reached millions of people since then many people are concerned about insomnia. In that Advertisement, they had also entitled viewers with a performance of this pill and referred as “Ambien works like dreams”.

REDEFINING “sleeping disorder”

Though we used to describe insomnias in various terms, Ambien drug manufacturers were very careful about using the correct medical term to promote Ambien medication. Previously, people sometimes doctors used to refer this to general sleep problem or sleeping disorder. It could not be put down on that general list. “Sleeping disorder carries such common connotation because it’s not a narrowed definition. It doesn’t refer to any specific function. Sleep disorder refers to an incapability to sleep at all”. The term is depressing and people didn’t know about the cause and what kind of disorder is this so they couldn’t associate with it.

“Why identify yourself as having such severe condition with so many social problems if there’s nothing that your healthcare professionals do about it” Remoray ask.

With the inception of Ambien, doctors could do many things to assist their patients in order to completely help them out of it. Remoray explains, “When doctors used the term insomnia it changed entire dialogue. You could even have consulted patients and discussed their issues. And this time not just about insomnia, but about the conditions associated with insomnias”.

Erasing the stigma

While insomnia became a curable condition, it decreases the stigma that associated with it. Most people felt it was good to know about their problem completely and talk about that to their doctors which are important due to the unpleasant annoying implications of Insomnia. The sleep and wake cycle would get disturbed due to work or due to certain deficiency, this creates a chemical imbalance in the brain this implies that insomnia can be an early indication for the advent of other potential problems like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

27 years after its release, generic Ambien is available for as little as $3 a pill (10mg)

The recent estimation showed that insomnia affects more than 20 million people in the United States. Clearing off the stigma around its potential implication has led to an explosion in several cases with young patients. “I think now it is more often to see a young patient with insomnia and they have started to put forth it to the doctors as they are recognizing this problem earlier,” says Remoray.

Counterfeit Ambien

However, everything is not okay with the adoption of this medication. As Ambien has immersed in its popularity, so did many numbers of imposters marketing fake versions at low and discounted prices.

Remoray clearly blames that on the high cost of medication. “If a pill cost around $80, you surely have to think about making use it efficiently. It was a financial crisis for many people. So people have started to believe that getting something that did not even have the full strength or with some other toxic substances rather than nothing.” That’s how many people needed the medication.

The price of single dosage with spending a long time to see a doctor and there is a gap. “For many people, the cost and a barrier was too much for them”

A lot of health insurance firms still would not come forward to cover Ambien medication. But today, the drug cost would not stay longer as a financial burden as it was once. Remoray says, “Brand and their generic alternatives ($3 per 10 mg pill)” has become much easier for those who were going for fake medication, foreign pills.

Ambien Turns 27

It is twenty-seven years after the “Little sleeping aid” has gained its fame, the word “sleeping disorder” become a past thing. Insomnia still affects millions of population, but Zolpidem is affordable as a low-cost generic medication.  And we are officially living in the early days of remote diagnosis of diseases.

As Ambien going to complete its third decade, the stigma around insomnia is gradually diminishing away. Ambien is all raised well and keeps on to transform people’s health into the future as people will have a happier life and lives healthy always.