5 interesting Facts happens when you don’t sleep

5 interesting Facts happens when you don’t sleep

When was the last time that you felt sleep peacefully? I mean full complete rested sleep. Yesterday or a few days back or even do you experienced it? “Nobody gets thorough sleep these days since due to the hectic and modernized world everyone goes beyond work and its tension”.

The intense pressure of the life and the constant activity of work so that many of us about to skip out an important part of our day that is sleep. It is one of the fortunes that naturally happen for all the living things in the world. These days due to restlessness and to get heal oversleep people search and go for the sleep-inducing therapies. In fact, the lack of sleepiness causes the deprivation of cumulative, long-term negative side effects on the metabolism, heart diseases, and changes in mood and even reducing interest in sex drive.

So, here we can see why the sleep so matters so much, and what happens to your body when you are experiencing this disorders.

Table of contents

Fight or Flight: Stress and Adrenaline

Stress and Insomnia

Sleep disorder and weight gain

Sleep and testosterone

Impacts of sleep disorders

Why is it considered to be an important factor?

To say honest, no one in this world knows why we sleep. Only doctors can explain this wonderful concept in brief. After collecting the data from the health experts, the various phases of sleep that are an inclusion of the brain wave patterns, REM (rapid eye movement) and sleep cycles. That is the reason why sleep is still considered a large mystery. But in common we do know the reason for why we sleep. That is regular sleep is essential for the hormone production and regulation. Since hormones are the big deal in all of this.

Human body releases a lot of hormones into the bloodstream of during the sleep.

Fight or Flight: Stress, Adrenaline, and Insomnia.

The major biggest reason that you aren’t get to sleep with has to do with the process stress and adrenaline. Keep on reading this along with me.

When you experience the stress – whether you are about to complete your work or preparing for the big meeting etc. your body produces adrenaline. It boosts you to fight or flight response in real time sense and it turns into the superhero.

Your body is an orchestra; the pituitary gland is the composer.


Adrenaline is the responsible for:

–    It increases the heart rate and high blood pressure. It is the important reason for the blood circulation.

–    Stretching the lungs passage (aiming to aid in the supply of more oxygen)

–    Improving your pupils for better vision.

–    Adrenaline even reroutes the blood from the non-vital process to your muscles, which increases the strength and the endurance.

The Adrenaline is such an amazing one. It provides the aloft strength like to lift a small sized cycle. But unfortunately, when it comes to stress, the adrenaline in your body becomes week and has only a week approach. Extreme danger and the chronic stress would be the reason for the stress that increases a lot of adrenaline in the bloodstream. One main factor for the adrenaline is that it is such fantastic – that keeps you awake and stay alert.

Stress and Insomnia

The pituitary gland in the brain produces the certain chemical called adrenocorticotrophic when you are about to experience the prolonged period of stress. In addition to this, adrenaline triggers the hormones that release cortisone and cortisol. These cortisone and cortisol are raising the glucose level by making you at both hungry and keeps you more alert.

The human brain treats all the stress levels equally, no matter whether it is fighting with the tiger or missing the flight or work deadline.

If the long-term exposure of the cortisol can also be the result of the high blood pressure, insulin resistance, immune system. It also increases the risk of developing diabetes. The time where you cannot able to operate in 100% capacity of the all the time, you do the normal sleep cycle is one of the foremost things that you need to suffer.

Sleep disorder and Weight gain

This disorder is also inflicting mayhem on the metabolism. The thyroid has regulated the products of two key hormones that stimulate your appetite – one is ghrelin and other is leptin. Ghrelin is the reason for the increase in appetite, whereas leptin makes to suppress it. Leptin is the slower acting enzyme than the ghrelin, so when you don’t sleep well the leptin produces oneself beyond the faster-acting ghrelin and you might have to wake up and stay hunger than more. If you want to know your signs of sleep disorders do look at your belly and notice down all the signs of the depressiveness.

The major problem with the ghrelin and leptin is that it cannot imbalance which is quick leads to becoming self-sustaining. Less sleep means typically proportional to the obesity. Another biggest factor is of developing the sleep apnea. (Which is the cause ofdeprivation). When your Body Mass Index (BMI) increases it leads to resistant to leptin and insulin and make you put the risk in increasing for diabetes and high blood pressure. Insomnia had severe final issues of the sleep deprivation. It would seem to be bad for the sexual life.

Sleep and Testosterone

The recent study has revealed that one week of poor sleep can able to decrease the testosterone levels are increasing by more than the 15%. Not governing the sleep even for few days can also give the person for the testosterone levels for the decades older than you.

The University of Michigan has stated that the women who had better sleep have increased interest in sex and also having the lubrication in the vagina. When you are snore it just keeps your partner up and the testosterone decreases as well.

Impact on the sexual disorder

It creates an impact on female sexual response and behavior. The negative impacts on the health is a widespread on the causing the side effects. Talk to your doctor and get the medication for proper better peaceful sleep.